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The 389th ginza graphic gallery exhibition Yui Takada with ori.studio

July 11, 2022 - August 25, 2022

Design: Yui Takada
Design: Yui Takada

Recently Takada has taken a particular interest in kites, and in the exhibition’s first-floor gallery space kites in a multitude of colors dance in the air. What was his intent as he patiently created them in his spare time? What will gallery visitors see in them?
 The basement level showcases a broad array of designs that are full-on expressions of Takada’s world,  selected from his work and activities to date. The exhibition is one of a pair of outstanding projects by Takada, the other being the compilation and design of the Axis collection of works, co-created with ori.studio in Beijing. This unique publication, which goes beyond the concept of a book, is an unrivalled presence that enables viewers to fully sense ori.studio’s love and understanding of Takada.

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