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The 384th Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition Kasai Kaoru Exhibition: NOSTALGIA

September 08, 2021 - October 23, 2021

Design: Kasai Kaoru
Design: Kasai Kaoru

Kasai Kaoru presents his first solo exhibition at ginza graphic gallery since the stunning “Kasai Kaoru Exhibition: AERO” almost three decades ago in 1992. This show’s theme is nostalgia. Revisiting fragments of past works, Kasai once again awakens a new world of creation through his own physical intervention. Modern-day society is in the process of losing humor and pathos, intelligence and innocence, and much more. Consequently, Kasai’s works hold many hints about how to get through the coronavirus pandemic and the edgy age that we live in. This autumn, experience the unique ‘nostalgia’ of Kasai Kaoru.

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