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The 383rd Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition Sports Graphic Exhibition

June 08, 2021 - July 07, 2021

Design:Katsumi Asaba / Illustration:Hikaru Ichijo
Design:Katsumi Asaba / Illustration:Hikaru Ichijo

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were postponed for a year, are now just around the corner. With no end to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic in sight, the world longs to rediscover the real joy of sports. For participants, sports foster fundamental physical and mental health and vitality, as well as boosting immune strength. For eager fans, sports are the ultimate live event, guaranteed to thrill and brighten the mood.
To clear the fog and guide visitors in a brighter, more positive direction, ginza graphic gallery (ggg) is heralding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics by staging an exhibition titled “Sports Graphic.”

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