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The 395th ginza graphic gallery Exhibition TADANORI YOKOO My Black Holes

May 15, 2023 - June 30, 2023

Design by Tadanori Yokoo and Daichi Aijima (Yokoo's Circus)
Design by Tadanori Yokoo and Daichi Aijima (Yokoo's Circus)

Yokoo has been featured in three group exhibitions and the following three solo exhibitions at ginza graphic gallery (ggg)—Tadanori Yokoo’s Poster Exhibition (1997), Tadanori Yokoo The First Book Design Exhibition (2012), and Tadanori Yokoo Exhibition (2018). The essence of Yokoo’s graphic design was exhibited in three genres (or chapters): posters, book design, and illustrations. This long-awaited fourth exhibition in Ginza titled, “Tadanori Yokoo My Black Holes,” represents the “extra edition” of his works, the design process. Experience the fourth and final chapter of Tadanori Yokoo’s great graphic design story. However, to Yokoo, this exhibition is merely the process along the way to incompleteness.

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