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The 388th ginza graphic gallery exhibition Taku Satoh TSDO: in LIFE

May 16, 2022 - June 30, 2022

Design: Taku Satoh & TSDO
Design: Taku Satoh & TSDO

Taku Satoh’s design firm TSDO has built a reputation for its distinctive approach of always drawing the full potential out of the specified environment, pioneering new possibilities for design in a broad range of situations. TSDO’s in LIFE design concept is connected to all sorts of situations in everyday life, achieving a presence that everyone is familiar with. This exhibition follows on from Taku Satoh’s PLASTICITY exhibition at ggg in 2004, presenting some of the subsequent results of the Satoh’s unchanging commitment to his design philosophy. These representative works are accompanied by examples of works that Taku Satoh has produced independently, creating an extensive exhibition.

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