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The 84th Wanderlust in Graphics

June 12, 2021 - September 05, 2021

Shinji Kamei / STORK
Shinji Kamei / STORK

CCGA will be mounting an exhibition of posters, gleaned from its DNP Graphic Design Archives collection, that relate to travel in the broadest sense. Travel encompasses numerous elements, such as modes of transportation, destinations, and experiences acquired where we travel. In the advertising field, many works deal with transportation or promote specific tourist attractions; and even today, when fewer posters are created than earlier, we can still find graphics of these kinds. Visitors to the gallery, upon seeing these works relating to travel expressed through graphic design, are sure to get a sense of our endless human quest to roam – our wanderlust. So please come join us on a small and momentary “journey” into realms beyond the ordinary.

CCGA Print Studio

Located in Sukagawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, at the foot of the verdant Mt. Uzumine, CCGA, which has specialized in printmaking and graphic design, has managed its print studio for the general public since 2012.
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