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The199th Herb Lubalin Exhibition

December 04, 2002 - December 21, 2002

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Where does the visceral urge to produce the superb images that Herb Lubalin brought forth come from? How do you follow a wandering creative mind as it invents great concept and images, or a humorous essay or a headline in an advertisement? What motivates that energy that Lubalin put forth in his concentration on typography and type design? Herb Lubalin and I first met at The Cooper Union, the Art School we both attended for the first four years of our lifelong friendship. Herb did it by developing a sensitivity and love for words and then using the mechanical typography as a means of expressing it as art. Herb was a rather small person. In early days he weighed about 105 pounds, but was a creative heavyweight. His physical proportions belied his energy. He worked quickly and his thinking was immediate and deep. Looking back almost 40 years, I believe that it will be considered to be as creative, as flesh, and as handsome, even beautiful, as yesterday. Lou Dorfsman/Former Vice-President and Creative Director of CBS