Privacy Policy

The DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion is entrusted with various forms of personal data. We also make effective use of personal data in our services and operations. In the course of such operations, the Foundation naturally has a responsibility to fully recognize the importance of personal data and appropriately protect it. We handle personal data appropriately in accordance with our personal information protection policy.

The Foundation complies with laws, regulations, government-stipulated policies, and other standards relating to the handling of personal information, and strives to protect personal data.

We take appropriate steps to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal data as well as other measures required for safe management of personal data. In the event of any such problems occurring, we take measures to rectify the issues without delay.

The Foundation specifies the purposes for which it will use personal data, and gathers, uses, and shares such data fairly and appropriately. We also take steps to prevent handling of personal data that goes beyond achievement of the specified purpose of use.

If the Foundation is requested to disclose personal data it holds by the individual to whom the data pertains, we respond appropriately.

If we are working with personal data entrusted to the Foundation by another corporation, we handle it appropriately within the stipulated scope of use.

The Foundation determines internal rules relating to personal data protection, builds and maintains personal data protection systems, and strives to continually improve them.

If the Foundation receives inquiries or complaints from individuals relating to our handling of their personal data or our personal data protection systems, we respond appropriately.

Established August 1, 2008

Yoshitoshi Kitajima
DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion