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kyoto ddd gallery the 241st exhibition Yasuhito Nagahara—Bridging Time: Exploring Design and NFT

March 27, 2024 - May 26, 2024

OCEAN-CHART from Lewis Carroll
OCEAN-CHART from Lewis Carroll "The Hunting of the Snark", designed by Yasuhito Nagahara
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Yasuhito Nagahara is a true pioneer, someone who has pursued the possibilities of media and design since the 1980s, when terms like multimedia and media design were just coming into being. In 1984, when the Macintosh was first introduced to Japan, Nagahara was quick to start work on designs that utilized computer technology. That may seem par for the course for a graphic designer these days, but what set Nagahara apart was how he saw computers not as a substitute for pens and rulers, but as a new medium. Nagahara, whose designs came from connecting the digital and the physical, undertook experiments in this area. These bore fruit in the form of a series of e-books and algorithmic typography works.
“Media acts as an intermediary, so media design is the act of designing how media intermediates—i.e., how media pass on messages.” This is the key concept that Nagahara has been expressing in various venues. The “Bridging Time” part of the exhibition title refers to both this retrospective of more than forty years of Nagahara’s media design, and to the way his work spans the past and future of media. The environment surrounding media and design has been transformed completely, as following the appearance of PCs, we saw the arrival of the internet and the greater development of global capitalist society. More recently, waves of new digital technologies—such as generative AI, Spatial computing, and NFTs—are having a major impact on designers’ work. The exhibition’s subtitle, “Exploring Design and NFT,” expresses Nagahara’s latest experiments that capture NFTs as a new medium.
It is our hope that this exhibition will provide people—especially young people who have grown up with computers and the internet ever-present—with the opportunity to learn more about the graphic and media designer Yasuhito Nagahara’s body of work.


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DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion


Taihei Shii(startbahn)
Shunsuke Takao
Nicole Schmid
Akihiro Kato
Harumi Kusumi

Yasuhito Nagahara

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1955, Yasuhito Nagahara is a graphic designer who completed a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Arts at Kyoto City University of Arts. In 1983, he set up The Nagahara Office Inc. After stints at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) as a part-time professor, and as a part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University (Shonan Fujisawa Campus), Nagahara was appointed professor of Information Design at Tama Art University in 2006, a position that he left in 2023. Nagahara has also involved himself in electronic media and exhibition projects, and is promoting design that straddles different media. In 2005 and 2008, he successively acted as artistic director for Expo 2005’s Cyber Japan Pavilion in Aichi, and for Expo 2008’s Japanese Pavilion website in Zaragoza, Spain. He has also published a number of books, including 1999’s designing with computers, 2010’s The Design Landscape, 2016’s The Stream of Information Graphics, and 2022’s Form to Read—Media Design Practice Bridging the Digital and Physical. He has also supervised translations of others’ books into Japanese: Interaction of Color by Josef Albers in 2016; ISOTYPE, an anthology of works by Otto Neurath, in 2017; and Designing Programmes by Karl Gerstner in 2020.