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kyoto ddd gallery The 225th Exhibition Kontrapunkt Type

June 09, 2020 - October 03, 2020

Design by Kontrapunkt/Typefaces by Kontrapunkt(’Goertek`&‘Miki`)
Design by Kontrapunkt/Typefaces by Kontrapunkt(’Goertek`&‘Miki`)
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kyoto ddd gallery reopened on June 9. For details, please see the following pages:
• Announcement of reopening of kyoto ddd gallery
• COVID-19 Preventative Measures

Kontrapunkt Type
an interactive solo exhibition on bespoke type design

In the light of COVID-19, it took some time to get here, but we are incredibly proud and excited to finally announce the opening of Kontrapunkt Type at kyoto ddd gallery. The exhibition on type design highlights the form and meaning of letters and how they convey a story with their form.

An interactive exhibition celebrating type design
Can you imagine a dynamic typeface that reacts to sound? How about an eroding typeface or one with deep roots in the rugged Scandinavian landscape? The virtual exhibition opening at kyoto ddd gallery, guides you through ten selected typography works by Kontrapunkt. Behind each bespoke typeface is a brand with a unique story. The letters connote a certain Nordic feeling, symbolize hop leaves, take cues from audio waves, or reference an iconic logo.
"We treat the letters as individual sculptures because every element of the alphabet bears with it so many narrative threads that make up the bigger story." – Rasmus Michaëlis Christensen, Head of Type Design at Kontrapunkt,
Experience type design in an entirely new way via interactive pedals on the floor and changing motion on the walls of ddd.

Can't attend?
In these times, a visit to Kyoto may be impossible. Therefore Kontrapunkt decided to create an exhibition and experience, available to everyone online. With this new virtual format of Kontrapunkt Type, we wish to encourage people who cannot visit kyoto ddd gallery, to join the online experience of Kontrapunkt Type instead. Please visit at www.type.kontrapunkt.com


Notice of cancellation of the gallery talk and opening reception

The gallery talk and opening reception on April 4 (Sat) 2020 are cancelled
as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your
understanding and cooperation.


DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion


The Royal Danish Embassy

Kontrapunkt – Company profile

Kontrapunkt is Scandinavia’s leading design agency. We create identities and experiences that moves people and have an impact on the world.
For more than 30 years we have developed strong identities for international organisations across three continents. Through decades, our quintessential designs and brand experiences have moved organisations and people forward.
At Kontrapunkt, we specialise in creating custom-made corporate identities that help international brands grow. In a global reality, organisations need a tool that ensures a consistent brand experience, creates coherence between mother and products brands, and bridges Asian and Western brand expressions.

Opening and Day

Dates: April 13 (Mon) – October 3 (Sat), 2020
Hours: 11:00 – 19:00 (18:00 on Saturdays)
Closed Sundays, Mondays and holidays


kyoto ddd gallery
10 Uzumasakamikeibu-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8533
TEL: 075-871-1480   FAX: 075-871-1267
Admission free


・3-minute walk from Exit 1 of Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station, Kyoto Subway Tozai Line
・5-minute walk from Randen-Tenjingawa Station, Randen Arashiyama Main Line
・By Kyoto City Bus or Kyoto Bus, alight at Uzumasa Tenjingawa-ekimae
No parking available