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The 355th Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition NOSIGNER - REASON BEHIND FORMS -

September 16, 2016 - October 31, 2016

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NOSIGNER was established by Eisuke Tachikawa exactly ten years ago (in 2006), with the concept of "social design innovation" which aims to bring positive change to the future. Since then its work has criss-crossed various fields of specialization including graphic, product and architectural design, and consciously addressed larger challenges - disaster reconstruction support, regional promotion, renewable energy, sustainable design, and science communication - in which design is surely going to be needed.
"NOSIGNER - Reason behind Forms -" exhibition starts from the hypothesis "What if all designs are imitations of nature, or what if the very act of designing is the act of unconsciously simulating the evolution of nature?" and compares/contrasts artificial and natural objects and explores the purpose within form, as well as ways of conceiving designs, based on the idea that "design is the biology of objects."
The archive exhibition visualizes the WHY behind various issues - design that functions in times of disaster; region and community - and explains the work of NOSIGNER as examples of solutions. We would like to describe a future of expanding design through the wide-ranging projects created by NOSIGNER.


Ginza Graphic Gallery
DNP Ginza Building 1st floor 7-2,
Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Closed on Sundays and national holidays
Admission Free

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NOSIGNER is a design firm that identifies challenges in society and brings innovative solutions in return. Just as their name “NOSIGNER” stands for “professionals who design intangible things,” they work beyond conventional disciplines for a more holistic design. Through their works, NOSIGNER aims to create social innovation in various fields, including local industries, technology, education, sustainability, cultural exchange and open source design.
Members (as of 2016): Eisuke Tachikawa, Lyie Nitta, Yoshitaka Kihara, Takeshi Kawano, Kunihiko Sato, Motoko Nagashima, , Kaori Hasegawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie, Ryo Itoigawa, Kosuke Noma, Kentaro Yasuda,  Andraditya and Sui Fujikawa


Founding NOSIGNER while still a student, Eisuke Tachikawa is a design strategist who pursues a multi-disciplinary approach to design. Today, he serves as CEO of NOSIGNER, and strives to produce social innovation through his activities. He has provided a wide range of innovative design encompassing science and technology, education, local industries, and more. Tachikawa's works have been acclaimed internationally, winning numerous global awards: Design for Asia Grand Award, iF Design Award, Pentawards Platinum, SDA Grand Award, etc. He was also appointed as the concept director for the Cool Japan Movement Promotion Council by the Japanese government. Alongside his career as a designer, Tachikawa is a pssionate educator. He inspires students through his workshops on "Grammar of Design" and advice on design and innovation. He currently teaches at the University of Saint Joseph Department of Design, Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management, Hosei University, and Miyagi University. Tachikawa holds a Master's degree in Architecture from Keio University Department of Science and Technology.


Azusa Ozawa, ginza graphic gallery: 03-3571-5206