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ggg Online Talk Session vol.3 (Language: Japanese Only)

January 25 (Mon.)

ggg will hold a series of online talk session during the exhibition [SURVIVE - EIKO ISHIOKA].

The third session will feature Mrs. Tomoe Shinohara(STUDEO) and Mr. Hiroaki Nagai( .
Mrs. Shinohara, who is active in various fields as a costume designer and artist, will talk with Mr. Nagai, the designer of both [Eiko Ishioka] solo exhibition at MOT and ggg, about Eiko’s creativity, from the perspective of the next generation.
The exhibition supervisor of ggg exhibition, Mr. Koichi Kawajiri will be their moderator.

Date: Feburary 5 (fri) pm5:00〜6:30
Title: Let’s talk about Eiko! vol.3
Speaker: Tomoe Shinohara(STUDEO)×Hiroaki Nagai(
Moderator: Koichi Kawajiri (Editor)
No Reservations Required,

Please access to YouTube from HERE, from pm5:00.

*Please note, the network may sometimes by unstable.
*This session will be running on You Tube during the exhibition term.

Mrs. Tomoe Shinohara
Mrs. Tomoe Shinohara
Mr. Hiroaki Nagai
Mr. Hiroaki Nagai