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Release of kyoto ddd gallery "COCON Karasuma" relocation first exhibition image video "ddd on the move"

March 31 (Thu.)

kyoto ddd gallery in Uzumasa will be relocated and reopened in the summer of 2022 at COCON Karasumain Shijo Karasuma, Kyoto.
The first exhibition after the move will introduce posters of successiveexhibitionsthat were opened in Dojima, Osaka in 1991,moved to Minamihorie, Osaka in 2007,and to Uzumasa,
Kyoto in 2014.This movie was created so that you can feel the first exhibition after the move.
Please look forward to the kyoto ddd gallery,
which will reopen in Shijo Karasuma, Kyoto this summer.
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Thumbnail of the movie
Thumbnail of the movie