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[Kazumasa Nagai Exhibition] gallery talk, now on YouTube

March 24 (Wed.)

The gallery talk of the 380th ginza graphic gallery exhibition [Poems of Eternal Life The World of Kazumasa Nagai’s Images and Words], is now on You Tube.
(Language: Japanese with English Subtitles / Edited into 3 Chapters)
Date: 26 October, 2020 (mon)
Speakers: Kazumasa Nagai, Kazufumi Nagai, Koichi Kawajiri
Chapter1: [Ever growing LIFE. Tracing the live within.] (approx. 24min)
Chapter 2 [Resonance with nature, is the origin of creation.](approx. 12:30min)
Chapter 3 [Design - a word that connects, society and economy.] (approx. 22min)