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The kyoto ddd gallery the 223th Exhibition Graphic West 8: Ryu Mieno Solo Exhibition 2011-2019 “Quibble.”

November 09, 2019 - December 21, 2019

design by Ryu Mieno
design bu Ryu Mieno
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The kyoto ddd gallery will be holding the exhibition, Graphic West 8: Ryu Mieno Solo Exhibition 2011-2019 “Quibble.”
If the mainstream for young graphic designers in the past was to have a career doing work for large clients and winning design contests, Ryu Mieno has distanced himself from said mainstream and is a designer with an alternative and independent attitude.
 The characteristic of his activities is that he only does what he wants to do through his network of contemporaries based in Kyoto. He runs a designer goods store and gallery called “VOU,” and he is also involved in performance activities. These activities that cross the line separating design and art have a sense of raw handmade creativity and youthful vitality.
He says that his artwork is influenced by the color and shapes of animals and plants, and the natural environment, and he feels that it is important to keep working until he is satisfied. His freewheeling work style born from this has expanded from cafe logos to announcement tools for exhibitions at public art museums, and he gets passionate support from his contemporaries.


Day and Time: 11.09.2019  15:30-17:00
Participants: Ryu Mieno, Daijiro Ohara, Kota Iguchi
Place: kyoto ddd gallery
※ Rrception closed due to full seats.