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The 346th Exhibition Rhizomatiks: The Blind Spot of Graphic Design

June 05, 2015 - June 27, 2015

Hiroyasu Kimura/Kaori Fujii/Yusuke Tomoto
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In June, Ginza Graphic Gallery (ggg) presents “Rhizomatiks: The Blind Spot of Graphic Design.”
Rhizomatiks, which has explored a variety of genres of creation using primarily digital technology to transcend established boundaries, turns its attention in this exhibition to the theme of graphic design.
Intuitive elements play a major role in graphic design, which is produced in an extremely abstract process. In its design practice, Rhizomatiks strives to clearly express this abstract process in language.
In this exhibition, Rhizomatiks uses its characteristic methodologies to subject works such as the posters of Tanaka Ikko, who is a leading Japanese graphic designer, to intensive analysis, probing for the blind spots in graphic design and searching for a new graphic design process different from the traditional workflow.