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The 389th ginza graphic gallery exhibition Yui Takada with ori.studio

July 11, 2022 - August 25, 2022

Design:Yui Takada
Design: Yui Takada
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Chosen by Yui Takada himself, Chaotic Order is the perfect title for his exhibition. At first glance, the world he creates and inhabits seems to be devoid of rules, like a playground where he frolics as he pleases. Whether or not the artist wishes it, his work tends to be described as “anti-design” or “new ugly,” and viewers are dumbfounded by his apparently disordered designs, which cannot be fully grasped in the context of conventional (modern) design.
However, Takada’s designs do not come about by accident. Needless to say, they are grounded in fundamental capabilities and created through a process of contemplation, trial, and intent. Takada looks at things from a perspective that is slightly out of sync. He observes deliberately and thoroughly with his own eyes. By spending a little longer than usual in observation and subtly altering perspective, you perceive a world brimming with beautiful and interesting things.
The comprehension and resolve that bring Takada to this point are no ordinary talents. While giving the impression of elusiveness, he acts in a dignified manner, and behind his gentle demeanor lies a vaulting ambition. Every person has contradictory elements within themselves, but perhaps Takada is someone who is made up of particularly extreme contradictions, just as the title of this exhibition suggests.
Recently Takada has taken a particular interest in kites, and in the exhibition’s first-floor gallery space kites in a multitude of colors dance in the air. What was his intent as he patiently created them in his spare time? What will gallery visitors see in them?
The basement level showcases a broad array of designs that are full-on expressions of Takada’s world,  selected from his work and activities to date. The exhibition is one of a pair of outstanding projects by Takada, the other being the compilation and design of the Axis collection of works, co-created with ori.studio in Beijing. This unique publication, which goes beyond the concept of a book, is an unrivalled presence that enables viewers to fully sense ori.studio’s love and understanding of Takada.
The exhibition captures the current point in Takada’s journey, as he constantly seeks new forms of expression unfettered by a single style or approach. The 2022 edition of his work will leave viewers eagerly anticipating where he will venture next.


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Exhibition design

Takeshi Nishio, DAYS.


In conjunction with the exhibition, gggBooks will publish gggBooks 133 Yui Takada, the 133rd volume in its World Graphic Design Series.

Yui Takada

Graphic designer.
Born 1980 in Tokyo. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School.
Director of Allright Inc., consisting of the graphic design section
Allright Graphics and the printing section Allright Printing.
Associate Professor, Tokyo Zokei University.