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The 388th ginza graphic gallery exhibition Taku Satoh TSDO: in LIFE

May 16, 2022 - June 30, 2022

Design: Taku Satoh & TSDO
Design: Taku Satoh & TSDO
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In early summer 2022, ginza graphic gallery (ggg) will present Taku Satoh TSDO: in LIFE, an exhibition featuring Taku Satoh and TSDO.
Taku Satoh’s design firm TSDO has built a reputation for its distinctive approach of always drawing the full potential out of the specified environment, pioneering new possibilities for design in a broad range of situations. The typical image of an individual graphic designer used to be one of someone who prioritized a specific creative style, but TSDO’s reputation seems to suggest that the firm has moved away from that position. Nevertheless, Taku Satoh has continued to produce solo gallery exhibitions from time to time, independently showing his own works. These have been characterized by addressing dichotomies such as public/private, inside/outside, objective/subjective, extrinsic/intrinsic or design/art—not by focusing on the difference, but by being related to both sides.
The exhibition is configured with the ground floor gallery focusing primarily on works produced independently by Taku Satoh since his PLASTICITY exhibition at ggg in 2004. The basement gallery presents design projects where he worked through TSDO, making this the first exhibition to present both aspects of Satoh’s work in a format that enables them to be compared and contrasted. One common factor is the “in LIFE” keyword, which infuses both groups of work, signifying that all the works are a part of a very natural, ordinary life.
One objective of this exhibition is to remind viewers that designing is not something that occurs up in the clouds, far removed from our ordinary existence. On the contrary, it is a familiar process that affects each of us as a part of our ordinary lives.


DNP Ginza Building 1F/B1
7-2, Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL: 03-3571-5206 / FAX: 03-3289-1389
Open hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm 
Closed on Sundays and holidays
Admission free
*Please see HERE for details before your visit.


in LIFE, 300 copies (to be confirmed)

Gallery Talk

Date: June 23 (Thu.) 6:30-8:00pm
Speaker: Taku Satoh
Venue: 3F, DNP Ginza Building
Admission free, Reservation required, 40 seats available
* The registration is closed because of full reservation.

Related Events

Three projects in Ginza that TSDO was involved in are within easy walking distance. Scan the QR code at each location with your mobile phone to listen to a Taku Satoh commentary about the design. 

2. 2F Library
The library is screening eight videos made with video artist Yu Yamanaka, including videos for exhibitions, product announcements, and community activities. (Total screening time about 2 hours and 20 minutes.)
* Seats are limited, so if it is fully occupied, we will give priority guidance from those who have numbered tickets distributed at the venue.

3. MMM (Maison des Musées du Monde)
Exhibitions on new books in LIFE and Mark Book are being held at gallery on the 3rd floor from May 16 to June 30. The original goods of the exhibition are sold as well.

Taku Satoh TSDO's book fair is being held on the design floor on the 2nd floor from May 16 to June 30.

Mini fair is being held from June 1 to June 30 on the architectural design floor of Building 2.

Taku Satoh TSDO: in LIFE exhibition-related fair held at design corner from June 4 to July 3.


Taku Satoh Design Office, established in 1984, changed its name to TSDO in 2018. Major activities include product development (Nikka Whiskey Pure Malt), packaging design (LOTTE XYLITOL Gum, Meiji Oishii Gyunyu, S&B Foods SPICE & HERB), graphic design (PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE), and logo design (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo), as well as signage, branding and corporate identity (CI) programs. TSDO has also been involved in the production of TV programs for children on the educational channel of NHK Television. Exhibition curated or organized by TSDO include water, JOMONESE, Design Anatomy, Design Ah! and Illuminating Landscapes.