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The 372nd Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2019

April 03, 2019 - April 27, 2019

Design: Noriaki Hayashi
Design: Noriaki Hayashi
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This year’s TDC exhibition is fast approaching, and will take place in April, when all of Japan comes alive with cherry blossoms. The exhibition showcases highly-regarded entries in the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2019, an international competition organized by the Tokyo Type Directors Club, and this year will feature more than 150 outstanding graphic design works focusing on typography, comprising ten prize-winning works including the Grand Prize winner, nominated works, and others. Spanning generational and geographical boundaries, works from a wide variety of genres have again been assembled from around the world to offer a wealth of variety in a lineup that will take visitors to the cutting edge of the typographic scene.


ginza graphic gallery (ggg)
DNP Ginza Building 1st floor 7-2,
Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Opening hours: 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
Closed on Sundays and holidays

Award Ceremony and Opening

5:00-7:00p.m., April 5, 2019 at ggg

Design Forum TDCDAY

This year’s forum comprises two parts: (i) presentations on award-winning works, and (ii) a participatory event on the theme of typography. Admission is free; our aim is simply to offer an opportunity for participants to appreciate that design is fun.
When: April 6, 2019, 1:30-5:30 p.m. (subject to change)
Where: 1st floor hall, DNP Gotanda Building, 3-5-20 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8001
(admission free; reservation required: places allocated on a first-come, first-served basis)
Organized by: Tokyo Type Directors Club
Co-organized by: DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion
Further details: Available on the TDC website  (www.tdctokyo.org)
Booking and inquiries: info@tdctokyo.org (Tokyo TDC secretariat)

Multi‐lingual FREE GUIDE APP

You can read and listen to commentary of the TDC award winners on your smartphone or tablet in the gallery.  English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are available.