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The 375th Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition Sculptural Type: Kontrapunkt

August 30, 2019 - October 12, 2019

Design: Kontrapunkt
Design: Kontrapunkt
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The gallery will be closed on Saturday, October 12 because of the approaching Typhoon No. 19. Thank you for your understanding.

Following on from an exhibition held in 2001, Ginza Graphic Gallery will again showcase the work of the Danish design agency Kontrapunkt in a new exhibition titled “Sculptural Type.”
Kontrapunkt has designed original typefaces for many corporate clients. According to Executive Design Director Bo Linnemann, Kontrapunkt regards typeface design as a form of storytelling akin to sculpture. Moreover, he notes that the story does not end with the design process. This exhibition introduces ten projects handled by the agency and invites viewers to reconsider the way they look at typefaces. The curators hope that this will enable visitors to take different perspectives on typeface designs they normally take for granted, and offer each viewer the chance to re-think typeface design.