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The 329th Exhibition Mitsuo Katsui Exhibition-Design of Symptom

January 09, 2014 - January 31, 2014

Design:Mitsuo Katsui
Design: Mitsuo Katsui
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The ginza graphic gallery (ggg) will hold “Mitsuo Katsui – Design of Symptom” exhibition in January as the curtain raiser for 2014.
Mitsuo Katsui has been constantly carving out new realms in the graphic design field for more than half a century now, while incorporating latest technologies such as digital technology and media into his work. Starting from the design of posters, editorial works and logos, he has been active across diverse genres, planning and producing various events including serving as art director at numerous expos.
In addition to main posters, the exhibition focuses on about 100 carefully selected gems from his editorial works, which perhaps would occupy an important place when exploring his creative works. We also plan to exhibit new video works, brimming with an experimental mindset, linked with the poster designs in the first floor.